Smart City 2019

Smart City 2019

Installation curated by the architect Giulio Ceppi together with Barbara Ferrari, created within the exhibition Smart City 2019. With a quote from Italo Calvino’s Zenobia, the 6 “stilts” have been created  to represent and explain which was defined by the same architect the “Via Latina to the Smart City” of the future. Each stilt symbolizes an aspect of this research, represented through a set of heterogeneous and communicative objects, two examples are the 3D Death Mask by Neri Oxman e the Bacteria Lamp by Jan Klingler.

Company: Material Connexion Italia

Project by: Total Tool Milano

Concept by: Giulio Ceppi and Barbara Ferrari

Research and Coordination by: Laura Tardella

Visual by: Federica Citterio and Williams Pompei

Pictures: Federico Brunetti