Pono is a fastening system that enhances, with a retrofit process, the technical element of the electrician’s clamp, optimizing its functionality. Leaving from the breakdown of the elements of clamp, a divided system was obtained in two parts: a notched coil disposable and a reusable latch, in turn declined in different types, designed to optimize waste in temporariy situations, such as events public or short-term billboards. Such closures are diversified according to the action to play: hook, grab, channel, and so on. The two-way closure specular toothed heads uses the flexibility of Nylon to guarantee tightening to the pole and in the reel, allowing to freely decide the length of the notched band and to be able to reload the reel itself once exhausted.

Project by Laura Tardella, C. C. Antonietti, L. Yue, M. Pontillo, M. Tolomei, M. Zangoli