Hemp is a versatile material, of which the properties make it suitable for many and different uses – like the world of childhood, whose products need of specific attention. “Paidìa” is a suspension  baby cot for the first few months of life, made entirely of hemp, with the addition of wood. These materials guarantee antibacterial properties, moisture resistance, thermal insulation and lightness, and structural stability. This project was developed within the Fabric-Action initiative, as a concrete action linked to the enhancement of Umbrian “know-how” and design, intended as an operational, strategic and cultural tool to design a new future for the Umbria region.

The name: “Paidìa” comes from the ancient greek word “παιδία”. It means “birth, childhood”.

Project by: Laura Tardella, Carlotta Antonietti, Marzia Tolomei

Organization: Polifactory, Museo della Canapa of Sant’Anatolia di Narco (PG, Italy)