Caffè? is a coffee dispencer for moka, developed during the Nutella’s Hack The Icon hackathon. It’s name comes from the italian ritual and convivial moment of drinking coffee. The jar, retains its function as a container but changes content. There is no longer the hazelnut cream, but ground coffee and so the jar becomes a convenient accessory for the coffee machine, thanks to a mechanism that allows you to rotate the “n” shaped handle, symbol of Nutella®, calibrating the right quantity of product and at the same time activating the opening and closing of the dispenser. An idea that does not lack a process innovation, as it also uses 3D printing for some accessory components and focuses on sustainability in terms of recycling.

During the same hackathon was also developed Microcip, a little birdhouse.

Project by Laura Tardella, Alberto Zerbi

Company: Nutella Italia