Bombyx is a system developed for the future of cars. Inside a driverless vehicle the man, relieved from the role of driver, will have the opportunity to carry out new activities, such as allowing himself some time to relax, rest and fall asleep during the time available for the trip. The introduction of the very essence of domestic space inside a vehicle, until now destined to transport, will allow the original function to be maintained, but opening the doors to an evolution of the spaces, made more human, welcoming and reassuring.

After decades spent focusing on efficiency and productivity, we can finally take back the well-being and our most natural needs, both physiological and psychological, in conjunction with a renewed focus on the ecosystem in which we live, at whose rhythms we are deeply connected.

The name: “Bombyx” comes from the latin words “Bombyx mori”. They means “mulberry silkworm”.

Take a look at the video below to learn more about the project.

Project by Laura Tardella

In collaboration with: Italdesign, Audi, Airbus, Politecnico di Milano, Assirem