Ellaquadro joined forces with Luca Fois and Marta Meda to create 2M2L, a multidisciplinary collective that can takle a vast array of projects thanks to the different expertise of the four members.

Luca Fois

Born in Milan in 1949, he studied philosophy and in 1976 he founded La Coruna, a workshop of high cabinet-making. In the 90s he dealt with Research and Product Development for Hermes, Calvin Klein, Fiat et others. From 2000 to 2010 he developed Zona Tortona, Design for the Territory, enhancing the transformation of the post-industrial district into the most internationally renowned Milanese area for design, fashion, communication, culture and entertainment.

Today he is Creative Advisor, lecturer at the School of Design of the Politecnico di Milano in the Event Design Course, co-director of the International Master of Design for Toys & Kids and member of CILAB, Creative Industries Laboratory of Polimi.

In the last few years he collaborated a several project in China.

Marta Meda

“I first attended art studies during high school and then graduated in architecture at Milan Politecnico. After some years of collaboration with an interior design pratice, I started freelancing and devoted myself to “designing stories through images” for media and brands.

The effectivenessof a narration is granted by the quality of the “Mise-en-scène”, by the definition of images and details, by knowledge of media, targets and languages, and by respecting of timesand budget: this is what I learnt during my professional activity throughout the years.”

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